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Oni Reading Rainbow

African American Children Story Books in Fayetteville, NC

Oni's Reading Rainbow, a roaming bookstore based in Fayetteville, has grown our collection of African American children's books, puzzles, and games since 1999. Our collection of rare booksreading material suitable for everyone from preschoolers to adults. We’re one of the few mobile bookstores to carry African American children story books in Fayetteville, NC, specifically for children of color.

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About Us 

We’re one of the few book retailers who specifically sell books intended for African American children. You can find us at kid-friendly events around the Fayetteville area and be sure to let us know if you’d like us to be at yours. We have a wonderful selection of African American history books and other materials for sale and travel around the region to sell and share them.

Our books are sometimes new, unread copies that the publisher sells in bulk to reduce excess inventory. In other cases, the publisher prints too many copies or bookstores buy too many copies. The books, therefore, have been handled a few times but are still in excellent condition. The publisher may place a mark on the edge of an item to identify it as a Bargain Book. Since each one is marked by hand and often not in the same location, we can sell them for a lower price.

Our Children's Books

In our bookstore, you are sure to find stories that appeal to all tastes and reading skill levels. Some of them are rare books you won’t find anywhere else. We provide enlightening entertainment for all ages through our:

  • Children's Books
  • African American History Collection
  • Games
  • Knowledge Cards
Happy Family, African American Children's Books in Fayetteville, NC

Sharing the Stories

From African American folktales to fiction, non-fiction, and biographies, our books are a treasure chest of timeless characters. They include John Henry and his railroad building as well as famous African American children’s authors like Eloise Greenfield. Shop our store to add to your collection or share with others.

Our nonfiction stock makes learning easy and enjoyable. We have a selection of books about the civil war, slavery, and current events, including books about Barack Obama. Our collection of reading material spans other subjects too. We have math, science, and reference books, as well as books on celebrities like Sydney Poitier and his life story.

Games and Cards

In addition to fiction and nonfiction books, our store carries activity books, interactive games, and board games that teach black history. These can educate children and adults alike about great leaders in music and sports, providing both knowledge and inspiration. We’ll soon be offering a variety of greeting cards and knowledge cards containing information about the civil rights movements and famous African Americans as well.

Contact us to ask about inventory or learn where Oni's Reading Rainbow will be next. We’re based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and serve the surrounding areas too.


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